Search Engines Reward Original Content

Well-crafted website copy compliments the information that search engines are looking for and makes it valuable to your customer and you. The benefit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not entirely realized without interesting and relevant copy balanced with well-placed keywords.

Search engines read websites for relevant text and determine if they have keyword overload. Interesting, relevant and balanced copy makes everyone happy.

Appealing Content Needs A Pro

Do you have time to write content for your website? Unless you have a writer or two hanging around, you need us to help you. We create content that is well-balanced and appealing to your readers. Proper SEO method makes sure that keyword integration and appropriate keyword density are part of your website content. We interact with you to ensure that the copy written is precisely what you want to communicate. We know your business’s reputation is on your website content pages, and we make sure that you are happy before we create these pages. For websites with limited content or a greater degree of industry competition, we can also write original, 300 to 600-word articles, which are keyword rich and related to your products or services. We can even post these articles around the Internet to increase keyword linking to your website.

We also like to get to the point. Just like looking at the table of contents of a book, a person accustomed to the Internet knows how to scan a page to see if it relates to them or what they need. Verbose and wordy content does not turn visitors into customers.

SEO970 Copy Writing
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  • Search Engine Friendly
  • PPC Ad Writing
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  • Article Writing
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  • Unique and Original
  • Improved Ranking & Visibility