Targeted, Authentic & Personal Stories for Business

We partner with a video production team to create multi-purpose, network-quality website videos for telling compelling stories that market your business and speed up your sales. We also fully optimize your video so your audience will find you.

Our consultative and analytical approach to web video messaging ensures a superior return on investment. Discover how you can reach more targets through media with greater viral impact. You can even track the results!

Online video advertising provides the content and the distribution that result in the intelligent use of marketing dollars.

Statistics Prove That Websites NEED Video
  • Websites with video average 30% higher conversion than those without.
  • Current search technology gives website videos a 50X advantage over text in ranking on the first page.
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine - NOT Yahoo.
  • 84% of Americans online are watching videos – 10 total hours each month.
  • Online video advertising saw the highest growth rate, with spend up 39% to $1 billion USD.
  • 94% of agency executives planned to spend more on online video than the prior year.
  • Today's consumers have increasing control over their media. They can also easily avoid unwanted marketing messages. Marketers are being challenged to communicate succinctly – and may do so only where they receive welcome.