SEO Basics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines through natural search results. SEO can be the difference between a website that gets all the traffic and one that doesn’t.

Website Optimization

Most websites are built by web designers. Please understand, we love good web design and web designers. However, what is the point of a clean, attractive site that no one can find? SEO970 gets people to your website; effective web design keeps them there.

Streamline customer interaction

We help you interact with your customers through targeted emails and special offers, build your audience with a blog, and become popular on Facebook and other social media.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is the foundation for all Internet marketing. Without a compelling and thoughtful SEO strategy that is customized to fit your services and products is like sticking a business card on a tree in the forest – and hoping someone will find it.

How is your website performing? We know – do you?

In the long-term, SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that you can implement to support your website. It offers many benefits over other types of marketing:

  • Long Term Results: The results you will see from SEO last for a long time. Even if you stop your active SEO campaign, the results remain for months and probably years.
  • High ROI: Studies have shown that SEO offers a higher Return On Investment than other types of online and offline marketing.
  • Qualified Visitors: With targeted keywords, you get to place your website in front of potential customers at the optimal moment – during their search.
  • 24/7 Promotion: With an optimized website, your listing is available to potential clients all day, every day.
  • Brand Awareness: Build website credibility with high natural search engine listing.
  • Business Growth: More visibility = more customers.
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Jonathan Michael earned his Masters degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and has been delivering success to companies for over 16 years. In an ever changing market, Jonathan can adapt, think quickly and make well-informed business decisions to support your growing business.

— Jonathan Michael, President
Stephen earned his degree from the University of Illinois School of Art and Architecture. Stephen’s expertise is writing copy for businesses, supporting the SEO Strategy through Social Media, Blogs, and Press Releases. As a result, his work has been read by tens of thousands of people. He creates well-crafted website copy that gets to the point and engages readers. — Stephen Gillespie, Executive VP